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Appointments: Job Training and Workers Recruitment.

A dossier produced by the IDS (Institute of Development Studies, UK) Health & Development Information team, offers practical up to date information about how to address human resource problems and issues. Updated and reorganised in November 2006, it draws upon evidence about what works, and identifies innovations in approaches, policy and practice.
Aid Workers Network is a free service set up to enable aid workers to share practical advice and resources with each other. The Global Community Health Partners is undertaking a project of a sub headquarters in some African,Asian,Carribien and South-American Countries and we are set to recruit interested individual that are willing to join our Team.Firstly we shall undergo a 10 months project constructions in the specified countries below:
Afghanistan, Georgia, Botswana,Pakistan, Albania, Ghana, Peru, Algeria, Guinea, Palestinian Authority,Angola, Guinea Bissau, Philippines, Armenia, Guyana, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Haiti, Russia, Bahrain,India, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sao Tome & Principe, Belarus, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Benin, Iraq, Senegal, Bhutan, Ivory Coast, Serbia, Bolivia, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Jordan, Somalia, Burkina Faso,Kazakhstan, South Africa,Burma, (Myanmar), Kenya,Sri Lanka,Burundi, Korea,Sudan,Cambodia,Kosovo,Surinam,Cameroon,Kuwait,Swaziland,Cape Verde,Kyrgyzstan,Syria,Central African Republic,Laos,Tajikistan,Chad,Uganda, Lebanon,Tanzania,China, People's Rep.of Lesotho,Thailand,Colombia,Liberia,Togo,Comoros,Libya,Tunisia,Congo, Democratic Republic of Macedonia,Turkey,Congo,Republic of Madagascar,Turkmenistan,Cuba,Malawi,Uganda,Cyprus, Mali,Ukraine,Djibouti,Mauritania,United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic,
Moldova,Uzbekistan,Ecuador,Mongolia,Egypt,Montenegro,Venezuela,Equatorial Guinea,Morocco,Vietnam,Eritrea,Mozambique,Yemen,Ethiopia,Nepal,Zambia,Fiji,Niger,Zimbabwe,Gabon,Nigeria,Gambia,Oman.

Global Health Community Empowerment will start a permanent office in the above countries,geared towards reaching out to people and less privileged ones.The Organisation will cater for applicants return flight tickets and accommodations in London for the 6 month Job Training/Recruitment.After Applicants successful the training in London we shall commence our reach programs in Applicants country immediately.Each year, the Global Health Community Empowerment Campaign raises awareness of and financial support for the work of the global Earthrights International movement.
More than $80 million USD is raised to fund programs that promote healthy spirit, mind, body and environment for millions of people in poor African/Asia countries worldwide.Applicants will receive training to work as a community organizers, helping improve home environment and jump start healthy habits that will lead to a healthier way of conserving the environment. To educate and empower the community in making nurturing, wholesome choices throughout each day.With Applicants training as a community organizer, prospective applicant will bring parents together in seminars, local groups in your community teaching and instructing them to attain a better healthy living and promoting the environment.
Our duties are:
1. We will promote healthy healthy environment by reaching out and engaging all those who seek well-being of spirit, mind and body.
2. We will create and sustain healthier communities by actively participating in our communities and connecting our networks and resources to influence decisions that conserve the environment.Interested Applicants that have been referred to for this Job Traning and recruitment should contact the Director of Global Programs,Mrs.Margaret Mitchell with your CV/Resume.

Contact person:
Margaret Mitchell
Director of Global Programs
Telephone: +447045759500.+447045759503.
Address: Interhealth,111 Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7HR England.

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